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Holi in Udaipur

Udaipur is known as the place of royals, so it is no surprise that the festivals celebrated in the city are also grand and royal. The festival of Holi is celebrated in an imperial manner in Udaipur. The celebration of Holika Dahan, playing with colours and bursting fireworks all happens in Udaipur with extreme fervour.

holi in udaipur

The Festival of Holi

Holi is the festival of colours and is one of the most vibrant festivals of India. Celebrated in the month of March in the spring season, Holi brings colours to the lives of people and marks the end of the winter season. On this day people wear white attire and the younger people takes the blessings of their elders. People purchase different dry and wet colours and pichkaris with which they would be playing Holi. Sweets such as Matthi and Gujiya are made in every household and even beverages such as Bhang or Thandai are made. Based on the legend of Holi which specifies the winning of good over evil, people burn bonfires on the first day as a symbol of the burning Holika.

Holi Festival in Udaipur

The Holi events in Udaipur are celebrated with gusto. Especially, by the Royal family and also the people of Udaipur. The celebration in Udaipur starts long before the actual day of Holi. A few days before the main occasion, the rural folk of Udaipur's neighbouring areas known as the Amalka Ekadsh comes to Gangoudhara or Gangakund which is a religious spot in the city and is mainly the cremation ground of the Mewar royal families of Udaipur.

Moreover, people also flock the Rajrajeshwar Shiv Mandir days before Holi. A fair is arranged in the city where people from all over the country and even outside the country visit and enjoy the different rides, food and buy items that are found in the fair or Mela.

There is special Matka Mela where people can buy different types of pots that are made by the pot makers outside of Udaipur. These pot makers arrive weeks before the Mela so that they could set up their stall in the Mela. Other than the Mela, even the shops in Udaipur are crowded with people.

People buy herbal Gulaal in Udaipur which is specially made by the tribal women from the neighbouring tribal areas such as Kodiyat, Thamla Ber Devla of Kotda region Dang, Chukdia of Udaipur, Malviya-Merpor and Jorma of Gogunda. These herbal Gulaal are made from the extracts of flowers which are handpicked by the tribal women of these villages.

Due to the advantageous properties possessed by these herbal Gulaals, they are in high demand in many places outside of Udaipur. The people in Udaipur buy large quantities of herbal Gulaal for the Holi celebration.

In the first day of Holi, which is the Holika Dahan or the Mewar Holika Dahan as called in the city, is lit by the royal family of Mewar. They come to the bonfire along with their esteemed guests who have been personally invited by the royal family. On the night of the bonfire, folk dance is performed by the local people which are known as Gair. After the bonfire, a rally is taken out which is joined by the members of the royal family on ornated elephants, camels, and horses. The rally is also accompanied by a music band that plays the local songs and other festive songs in the rally. The rally starts from the Shambhu Niwas Palace and goes till the Manek Chowk royal residence. After the rally, there is a huge scene of dinner and cocktails that are served at the royal palace and attended by special guests. The celebration at the royal palace ends with amazing fireworks.

On the second day of Holi, the city sees a completely different scenario. People come out on the streets and play colours with their near and dear ones. The city becomes vibrant with color, music, and laughter of the people. Both the local people as well as the tourists bathe in colours and have fun the whole day. People play with both dry and wet colours and also throw water balloons on one another or even passer-by. Children also throw buckets of colored water on the strangers and no one minds anything on this day.

Holi Attracts Several Devotees To The City Of Udaipur

Even the temples in Udaipur are decorated royally and devotees come to Udaipur a week before the Holika Dahan to be a part of this festival. They offer their prayers and provide sweets to their gods and pray for the goodwill of their family and closed ones. Some kids also dress up as Gods or Goddesses during this time and do small dramas to entertain the devotees. Elders also do drama often during the nighttime and in the local areas. They are a part of the celebration and this is a common site in Melas and in the nearby villages of Udaipur.

To be a part of the celebration of Holi 2022 people book packages from many sites which provide them a compact tour package through which they can enjoy the festive season of 2022 in this riyal and vibrant city. These tour packages are often inclusive of hotels and have a planned schedule which gives the tourists a chance to explore the main areas where Holi celebration is important or the best.

Places to Stay in Udaipur

Udaipur has beautiful hotels and resorts of different budgets which can be booked by tourists. During the Holi season, the city is quite crowded and the rates for accommodations might be high. This is why tourists often book these accommodations in advance. Tourists can also book places which are near to the best Holi events in Udaipur so that they do not have to travel for a long time or a long distance to attend any Holi celebration or events. People visiting Udaipur during this festive season will surely go back with a lot of beautiful memories about the city and the festival.

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