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Holi in Assam


Holi is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in India.A day when every age group comes together in wake of joy to spread colours and happiness all around!


The ancestral works claim thatMahapurushSrimantaSankardeva was the one who introduced Holi in India. This festival has a historical significance that depicts victory of the evil upon good. It not only departs a message but also acts as a bong for upheaval of spring season, warmth and happiness. Moreover, every state, region and corner of India celebrates Holi in its own special way, so do Assamese do!

Holi festival in Assam

Holi is regarded with the name of Phagwah or the festival of colours in Assam. It is a 3-5 day affair for the people residing in here. Though, all the local regions of Assam have the same rituals during Holi, Barpeta is known to celebrate it in an entirely unique and grand style. Many people from other parts of India, world and Assam itself travel to Barpeta to enjoy the Doulutsava!

It is known that Mathura Das Bura Ata was the first man to celebrate Doulutsava in Barpeta. Ever since then, the Doul festival celebration is being carried on in the same satriyaparampara (traditional way) by the devotees of Lord Krishna in Barpeta. People forget all their problems, agonies and sorrows during the DolJatra, another name to denote Doul festival in Assam. And swing in the songs with rhythms that go like,

“Range phagukhelechaitanyabanamali

Apart from this, an idol of Lord Krishna isworshipped by priests in Barpeta Sara and other parts during Holi festival celebration in Assam. The idol of god is made to stay at the place of worship for the days following the celebration. All devotees dedicate their prayers to Krishna through many different ways.

Traditional Norms of Holi in Assam

  • According to traditional norms, Doul is celebrated for 3-5 days. The three day Doul is known as “BurhaDoul” that is held in month “Chotpurnima” (full moon).
  • Whereas, the four day Doul is known as “DekaDoul” that is held in month of “PhagunPurnima.”
  • It comprises of a ritual called mejipuoa, which describes the winter is ready to move out.
  • The occasion of is divided into two parts. First includes the burning of clay huts near the houses by people. It is to signify the legend if Holika. And in second half, Holi begins with colours, water, flowers, music and what not!
  • Often the joy is combined with tributes to the god, Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. People offer prayers and sign songs in chorus devoted to them.

The Days Of Holi Celebration In Assam, Barpeta Are Described As:

  • First day, gandha or banhutsava.
  • Second day is called bhardoul.
  • Last day is called phakua or suweri.

The memorable day’s enthusiasm is clearly visible on the faces of localities singing,

“Aji range rangeakakar
aajibasantikino rang dhaliche

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