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Legends of Holi

Legends of Holi are as colourful as Holi itself. There are myriad shades and tones in them from the subtle ones of love and devotion to the darker hues pertaining to demons and their devilish desires.

What is remarkable is the faith of millions of Hindus in these legends. They relive these stories every year and bring to life the incidents which occurred (or might not have occurred) thousands of years ago.

A belief in the legends, devotion to god and a strong belief in the fact that it is the good and the truth that ultimately prevails over the evil pulls the people to religiously follow the set traditions each year.

And, this faith - in god and the ancient traditions is what still binds the people in a spirit of love and harmony in this otherwise divided society.

Most Popular Legends of Holi
  • Holika Dahan Date & Timing: Holi is the festival of great importance in Indian cultures. It is celebrated with great fervor every year. This time 25th March, 2024 is the date for the Holi celebration in India...More

  • The Legend of Holika and Prahlad: Legend goes back to the time of demon king Hiranyakashyap who planned to kill his son Prahlad for he worshiped Lord Naarayana... more

  • The Legend of Radha and Krishna: Lord Krishna as a young child was jealous of his beloved Radha's extremely fair complexion as he himself was very dark. He therefore... more

  • The Legend of Kaamadeva: The legend narrates the sacrifice of Kaamadeva for the benefit of the world. The god of love shot his arrow on Lord Shiva to bring him... more

  • The Legend of Dhundhi: There lived an ogress called Dhundhi in the kingdom of Prithu who used to trouble children till they chased her away by playing pranks on her... more

  • The Legend of Pootana: Lord Krishna's devil uncle, Kansa seeked the help of ogress Pootana to kill the infant Krishna. Pootana treacherously fed Krishna with her poisoned... more
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Significance of Holi

Holi is considered as one of the most celebrated and revered festivals celebrated by the people of Hindu community in India. People in every part of the country and also those living in foreign country celebrate this festival with a...Know More

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