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Holi Gulal

Imagine the fest of Holi with one color. How dull and boring the local scenery would be? The addition of bright colors adds life and cheers into Holi festival celebration. Moreover wishing each other 'Happy Holi' by splashing or smearing color powder that is referred as 'Gulal' on the face of near and dear ones is what makes HOLI the most cheerful and awaited festival celebrations of India.

Holi Gulal that is also referred as 'Abeer' or in easy terms as color powder is the most significant thing of the celebration of Holi. It adds happiness, vibrancy, love and cheers in festival of Holi. For some Holi Gulal is a thing to smear on loved ones face and greet them with Happy Holi greetings and for some Gulal or Abeer is rooted deep with mythologies as many Holi Gulal is smeared on the feet of elders to wish them with festive greetings.

In simple terms - Holi is the festival of India when colors or Holi Gulal speak the language of cheerful Heart..!!

'Passionate Red Gulal'

Red GulalRed is the color of love and passion. However in India Red has a greater significance. It is the color Red that women get dressed on her wedding. Red is the color of the Sindoor of married women and red is the color of the power of married women. Thus on Holi, Red Gulal is reflects the passion, power, opulence and lot more to smear faces of loved ones and greet them "Holi Hai"!

'Bright Yellow Gulal'

Yellow GulalYellow is the holy colour in India. However it is the color of sunshine, happiness and is known for having healing powers. The yellow Holi Gulal color not only brings the significances of the color yellow in the celebration of Holi but also a bright hue in the mix of colors. Since Yellow Gulal is one of the brightest Holi colors, thus it's a Gulal of maximum preference among the people.

'Vibrant Blue Gulal'

Blue GulalThe color blue symbolizes calmness and serene. Also the color blue is associated as the color of thinking mind or gloomy state of the mind. Well in Holi Blue Gulal holds a different connotation altogether. It adds more vibrancy and activeness in Holi celebration. And yes Blue Gulal is favorite among the guys. There are many shades of Blue Gulal available in the markets as well.

'Most Preferred Green Gulal'

Green GulalUndoubtedly, green Gulal is one of the most preferred one among all on Holi. Though the color green symbolizes new beginning, happiness and harvest but in India color green is related with Lord Krishna, one of the most favored Gods among the Indians. However in Holi, Green color Gulal is known as one of the most favorite Holi colors that brings a lot of cheers and vibrancy in the colorful hues of Holi Gulal smashing.

'Feminine Pink Gulal'

Pink GulalAnother very preferred Holi Gulal color is Pink. The splash of bright pink Gulal in the air or smearing loved ones faces with Pink Gulal spreads more joy, fun and vibrancy into the celebration of Holi. Though the Pink Gulal is the favorite among girls and women but then everyone finds Pink Gulal as the most attractive and vibrant one to smash the faces of loved ones and greets them as “Holi Hai”! In fact Pink Gulal is the favorite among the kids to play on colorful Holi celebration.

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