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Holi Around the World

Holi knows no bars, Holi knows no boundaries too. Across the world wherever Indians or people of Indian origin are present Holi is celebrated with gusto and bonhomie. People play with colours, light a bonfire called Holika and celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Well, the essence of any festival is to take a break from the daily humdrum of life and make it interesting. The other major intention of celebrating festival is to bring people together and generate a feeling of brotherhood and spread harmony all around.

Nobody realizes the importance of celebrating festivals than the Indians settled abroad away from their country and cultural roots. At times they are more eager to celebrate festivals than their Indian counterparts. For celebrating festivals is what binds the people of Indian origin together and also to their roots.

Just as in India, people settled abroad meet their friends and exchange sweets and greetings. Of course, the revelry is no less when it comes to colours.

Holi in Australia
This one day in the whole time span of 365 days has the power to leave behind memories to rejoice and fill colour in your life. The countdown has begun and each one of whether we are in India... more

Holi in Bangladesh
Bengal region has a multifaceted culture due to the influence of Buddhist, Hindus and Muslim cultures. Though the country is Muslim dominated, Hindus too celebrate their festivals with gaiety... more

Holi in Canada
Holi is a fest of colours is an Indian traditional festival which is celebrated by the Indian Diaspora around the world in their own innovative way with a touch of the traditions and customs associated... more

Holi in Guyana
Located in the north-east coast of South America, Guyana celebrate Holi with great fan fair.
Holi or Phagwa, as the Guyanese better know, is celebrated in Guyana by the singing of special songs called Chowtaals and by the spraying of coloured powder (abrack) and water (abeer)... more

Holi in Mauritius
Just as the many other major Hindu festivals, the large Indian majority, (about 63 per cent) celebrate Holi with a lot of enthusiasm in the island of Mauritius... more

Holi in Nepal
Holi is celebrated with great pomp and show in Nepal. Celebrations lasts for a week in which the entire country gets drenched in the coloured water... more

Holi in Pakistan
Hindus in Pakistan too celebrate holi, though of course in as grand way as in India. People celebrate the victory of good over evil forces by lighting bonfires called Holika... more

Holi in South Africa
Indian wherever they may be, takes immense delight in celebrating the festival of Holi and South Africa is no exception. The vibrant Gujarati's and other Indians settled in South Africa have made it a point to keep the tradition of celebrating Holi alive in the country... more

Holi in Surinam
Holi is celebrated with lot of mirth and excitement in Surinam which has a large number of Indians. Hindus constitute about 35-40% of the population, an important part of this is people who immigrated from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar... more

Holi in Trinidad and Tobago
Holi is celebrated with a lot of pomp and eclat in twin island states of Trinidad and Tobago which has a large Indian diaspora. Here, though, it is largely known as Phagwa... more

Holi in United Kingdom
Hindus settled in UK do not miss out the excitement of Holi celebrations and enjoy to the hilt. Zeal for the festival is particularly marked in this country as Indians constitute the second largest ethnic minority... more

Holi in UAE
Holi is a festival of colours which is celebrated by the people belonging to the Hindu community. No matter where they are, the celebration does not stops and they do it all with similar enthusiasm and fervour... more

Holi in USA
With a large population of Indians settled in the United States of America Holi is celebrated with gaiety and lot of fanfare in this country... more

Holi in Singapore
Holi is a festival which is celebrated by one and all. It is the festival where people celebrate by playing with different colours. Holi is a very auspicious event in India which is celebrated... more

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