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Holi in Canada

Holi is a fest of colours is an Indian traditional festival which is celebrated by the Indian Diaspora around the world in their own innovative way with a touch of the traditions and customs associated with the celebration of Holi. The festival is not only celebrated by Indians residing in different parts of the world but there are people of other countries who have time and again participated in the gigantic celebration of Holi. The festival comes with the arrival of the spring and with the end of the darkness of the winters. The nature brings a feeling of merriment with the arrival of Holi. People on this day abandon all their worries and let them blow with the air and embrace new changes in their lives for a better way of living. The festival is equally celebrated with the Indians residing in Canada.

Every nook and corner of the country where the people of India reside gets decorated with colourful sights. Be it the younger generation or the section of some older people, they all get covered with vibrant colours of green, yellow, red, silver and black. Small groups of people can be seen dancing and singing on the streets, hurling colours on each other. The festival gives an opportunity to learn the love that blossoms between Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha, which symbolises that theses colours can blend love in our relationships. The noise and colourful entertainment associated with the celebration of Holi acts as witness to feeling of brotherhood and a sense of oneness. The festival of Holi brings with itself harmony and a feeling of being at home for the people living in Canada.

2017: Holi in Canada

Canada being a country where a large number of Indian populations reside, the celebration of the festival of Holi is very common. Last year in 2017, not only it was celebrated by the residents but the year witnessed an unusual festive mood on Holi, when the parliamentarian complex of Canada celebrated the festival for the first time in which assortments of members of the parliament joined the celebration. The members from the Indo-Canadian community specifically participated to honour this festival of celebration.

The event was an initiative of a liberal MP, Chandra Arya, who has his roots from Karnataka, was organized in collaboration with the High commission of India and almost 300 people took part in the celebration. The place was embellished with visuals of Holi and the guests on their arrival were welcomed with the colours of Holi. The PM of Canada Justin Trudeau gave to the people a message of friendship and peace and encouraged the traditional notion of the triumph of good over the evil. Every year, Canada witnesses something new during the celebration of Holi.

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