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Holi in Film Industry

No other industry has been so influenced by Holi as much as Bollywood. Creative as they are, big actors and actress have made it a point to enjoy to the hilt when it comes to Holi.


In fact, Holi at RK Studio is as famous in Mumbai as that of Mathura in UP. Also, much popular is the Holi at Pratiksha, the famous residence of megastar, Amitabh Bachchan.

The trend of Holi celebration in film industry was initiated by showman Raj Kapoor, who started Holi celebration in a big way at his studio. A large number of industry people would gather there and play holi, making it a star-studded event. The tradition that was followed was that anybody who came would first be greeted with a dip in the pool of coloured water. Kapoors also took care that women were treated with dignity and nobody misbehaved with them.
Holi at RK Studio continues to be an event to watch in Mumbai as the next generation of Kapoors have made it a point to continue with the tradition.

Equally famous now is the Holi celebration organised by Bollywood's much loved megastar, popularly called Big B. It seems he still feels drenched in the success of his Holi song Rang Barse and later..Holi khele Raghubeera so much so that he has made it a point to mark the festival in a big way.

Holi celebration at his residence, Pratiksha in Mumbai's north-western suburb of Juhu has now gained immense popularity and almost everybody who matters is personally invited. Mr and Mrs Bachchan are reconised as superb hosts and everybody look forward to enjoy Holi with them. After a bath in pool of colour waters, people wash themselves in showers, specially installed in the garden. Mouthwatering holi delicacies, exotic drinks laced with bhang, songs, dance and lot of fun mark the Holi there.

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