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Holi Gift Ideas

Holi – the festival of colors, marks the triumph of goodness over evil. This brings in the opportunity to convey the message of love, trust and brotherhood. Hence, people come together to celebrate this festival of colors with great zest. People get together to celebrate the fun and excitement of this colorful festival.

Holi gifts play a significant role to make the recipient feel special. But in such case, you should come up with the best and most suitable gift item. The gift should emit a positive vibration and should covey the feeling of love and respect for the recipient.

Points to Consider While Selecting Holi Gifts

While selecting an appropriate holi gift for your family, friend or loved one, one should take into consideration the following useful tips :

  • The gift should portray the true picture of the festival.
  • It should be selected by considering the spirit of festival.
  • The relation you share with the recipient is important.
  • The gift itself should convey the message.
  • You can send holi gifts through post to those staying far off.
  • On-line shopping sites can also be used.
  • Decide the gift according to your budget.
  • Before buying, try to know the likes and dislikes of the recipient.
  • Try to gift those items for which the recipient has been craving for months.
  • Special gift should be presented to make it the most cherished possession.
  • Always remember, price of the gift is not the most important factor it is the feelings behind the gift that matters the most.
  • Gift something that is of some use to the receiver.
  • Be creative. You can give hand made gifts like a wall hanging or home made sweets or a hand knit sweater.
Most Popular Holi Gifts

If you are still confuse, even after going through the above tips for selecting a proper gift, we are giving here a list of the most popular gifts ideas.

Sweets & Gujiyas: A box of sweets and gujias is a very popular gift item in Holi. For every special occasion, there is no better way to show your love and affection with sweets.

Chocolates: Chocolates are the most popular and favorite gifts in India. They always go with the festival mood and enliven the spirit of holi festival. Gift your near and dear ones a box of their favorite sweets.

Apparels: People love to gift clothes on this festivals. On the arrival of Holi, special dresses like cotton sarees and salwar kameez for women and kurtas for men can be gifted. White color is a favorite color in holi. So a white dress for Holi, like a cotton white saree or a cotton 'chikan' salwar-suit for girls and kurta-pajama for boys make wonderful gift items. Other dress items like beautifully designed shirts and skirts also fall in the category of Holi gifts.

Dry Fruits: Dry fruits are highly in demand as a gift on holi. Any moment can be made special with dry fruits. Available in a variety of designer boxes, these beautiful gift items make a lasting impression.

Holi Color Pack: Beautifully packed holi colors are the most appropriate gift for all. They symbolize the importance of colors and the spirit of the festival. Holi color packs include gulal, magic colors, sprays, water colors and balloons.

Holi Gift Hampers: Variety of Holi gift hampers are available in the market consisting beautifully designed trays with sweets, idol of Lord Krishna, diyas, gulal, etc.

Wall Hangings: Wall hangings are always considered to be a great gift on any festive occasion. The best option for holi are the wall hangings with Lord Ganesha or Lord Krishna. These are perfect gift for those who want to adorn their houses on festivals.

Idols: Presenting the idols of Lord Krishna and Radhan are perfect to impart a devotional feeling.

Holi Home Decoration Items: Holi gifts can also be home decoration items like beautiful flower baskets, bouquets, flower vases, rugs and carpets, wall hangings etc.

Holi Greetings Cards: You can also send greetings cards on holi for your near and dear ones living anywhere in the world. Sending online cards is also very popular.

Gifts for Kids: Water gun, colored hats, masks, etc are best to win the heart of a naughty kid. These types of gifts are immensely cherished by children.

Some unique gift ideas

Home Care Kit: You can create your own home care kit, which includes those things considering the receiver's preferences of scents and smells. For example, you can pick an effective stain free for easy cleaning, a mild hand wash, freshly scented towels, a moisturising lotion, exotic incense sticks, potpourri and air freshener sprays etc. All these can be packed with the best of decorations, the assorted gifts inside will surely help ease post Holi stress.

Personal Care Kit: Pick a decorative box and fill it with some personal care items like a coconut hair oil bottle, a packet of sandalwood powder, a moisturising cream, nail paints which can prevent fingers from being stained, a facial cleanser, a sun tan lotion, some scented tissues etc. All these products will definitely make holi celebrations much more easier and safer.

The Spa Kit: You can also gift some aromatherapy oils that can surely distress you after playing holi. Your exotic Spa gift Kit can include bath salts, massage oils, natural soaps, a fruit or vegetable face pack, a pumice stone, aloevera gel or a natural cream etc.

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