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Holi Fun

It would not be an exaggeration if one says that FUN is the other name of this festival of colours called Holi. For, the very motive of celebrating the festival is to have fun. There are no prayers for this day and no sermons are said. The only norm that is followed is, "follow no norms and have as much fun as you want".

The festival is celebrated at a time when the people are generally feeling laid back and lazy as the weather is neither too hot and nor too cold. This makes it an appropriate time to have a little fun and frolic. Holi gives them a chance to do so and people make the best out of this opportunity.

It is so much fun to watch people as they forget their real self and play pranks and practical jokes on each other. Treacherously and even forcefully leading each other in a pool of coloured water and at times of mud. So many Hindi films have exploited this comic theme to evoke laughter.

To add to the spirit of the festival is the tradition of consuming the intoxicating bhang. It is generally taken with thandai - a milk beverage or in the form of pakoras. It is so hilarious to watch people as they let their hair down and immerse themselves in the spirit of festival. Making strange faces, dance in an unknown fashion and sing as if they have a loudspeaker attached to their mouth.

Holi reveals the wackiest best of the people. For a day people just forget themselves and simply have fun - all responsibilities are owed to the spirit of the festival. And, if anybody stares or give strange expressions, the answer is ready too. "Bura na mano Holi hai", is the refrain that is on everybody's lips.

The festival gives social sanction to people to have fun and does not recognizes any restrictions. Free mixing of boys and girls is allowed on the day even by the most conservative societies and young boys and girls have their share of fun.

In some states there are strange customs like women beating men, bhabhis beating devars, daughter-in-law teasing her husbands parents and of course the tradition of breaking pot of buttermilk hung high on the streets for Holi. All these traditions and customs add to the overall spirit of the festival. Movie songs, dance on the beat of dholak and lip smacking Holi delicacies complete the picture of this FUN FESTIVAL.

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