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Holi Cards

Over the years greeting cards have become a wonderful way of expressing one's feelings. Nobody know this better than card manufacturers who have made it a point to give words and pictures to every possible human emotion. Holi being such a vital and vibrant festival of India has received detailed attention of the card manufacturers who portray every possible colour and aspect of Holi in their cards.

Importance of Cards

Well, the importance of the cards lies in the fact that they make it possible to send your heartfelt emotions to your friends with whom you may not physically meet. Besides, receiving cards from a loved one always evoke a smile. Sensing the emotional needs of the people card makers come up with innovative ideas each year to send across the greetings of the people.

Holi Special Cards

With colours being the most essential part of the celebrations, Holi cards come with packets of colours inside and some even have small pichkaris attached. This adds the festive touch to the greeting and offers a wonderful way of sending love in the form of colours. Attractively colourful, these days cards are customised for various relations, for example mummy-daddy, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and of course, especially for your beloved.

Cards are also specifically designed keeping in mind the age and nature of a person. For instance, there are sober cards for the elderly and cards full of jokes and pranks for the friends, which evokes laughter from the receiver. Special care is taken for the cards meant for lovers which come loaded with romantic expressions mingled with the spirit of the occasion.

Another trend that has gained appreciation from the masses is cards in Hindi which further help in giving realistic expression to ones feelings. As, people find it easier to relate a message from the sender.

Electronics Cards

Becoming increasingly popular these days is the trend of sending Ecards. As they are convinient, instantaneous and cost effective way of sending greetings to the loved ones. Cashing in on the trend are several card companies who have come up with beautiful and innovative ideas to exchange the greetings for a colourful and joyous festival. It is a great joy to receive warm greetings from the people you love at a click of a button.

Sending Greetings Through Mobile

Another trend that has gained wide acceptability from the people is the short and sweet SMS service provided by the mobile companies. With a large and ever increasing mobile population in India, the trend will continue to grow over the years as the means of sending messages has come right in the palm of the people. Now, with the availability of camera phones, people can send pictures of their colouful self drenched in the spirit and colours of Holi to friends who may be miles apart. Of course, MMS clips are also possible these days and you can virtually tell tour friends and relatives what fun you are having.

So what are you waiting for? For, distance does not matter in this age. Love has never known any boundary. So just choose your card and give colourful expressions to your feelings...For, when it is Holi, its time for your beloved to say 'Ho..lee' (I have become yours). There are plenty of cards to help you out, don't worry.

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