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Holi in Australia

Australia Celebrates Holi to keep the Light of Love Burning in Hearts of people!

This one day in the whole time span of 365 days has the power to leave behind memories to rejoice and fill colour in your life. The countdown has begun and each one of whether we are in India or abroad are waiting for this day elatedly for this day to being in colours in our life. Not only the those who are in India enjoy this festival of colours wholeheartedly but the Indian Diaspora residing in different parts of the world, equally take pleasure in celebrating this festival of colours in the similar manner. One such country, where the people of India are present in a quite large numbers, is Australia. On the day of Holi the people there in Melbourne gets lost beneath the wishy-washy miasma and cloud of colourful powders. Holi is celebrated in the Victorian capital for it being kaleidoscopic in nature.

How is Holi celebrated in Australia?

Universally known as the festival of colours, Holi is celebrated throughout the world by the Hindu community as welcome gesture to the relaxing season of spring. The celebration kicks off on the full moon of the Phalgun Purnima when the bonfire of lighted and on the following day spectrum of colours can been seen on the stress in the household and everywhere. The Indian Diaspora, at long distance from their home, find Holi a way of keeping connected to their homeland, to the traditional values of their homeland. Through this festival of colours and friendship, many inculcate the values into the minds of their children, wh9ich their motherland has taught them.

Not only Holi is a festival of colours but it also gives us an opportunity to organize get together sharing the cultural values of our fellow Indian. The Hindu religion believes it to be a festival when one can wash off all their sins and start afresh with an altogether novel way of thinking. It acts as a tool to let go of all the resentments and grievances cleaning up the souls and preparing us for to face courageously all the hurdles that may arise in the way of achieving our goals with an optimistic frame of mind. The enthusiasm can be seen on the streets of Australia visually by looking at the paintings of rainbow of colours.

Several events are organized all over in Australia where people play with non-toxic colours. Most of the people on this day dress themselves up in white traditional clothes and attend the party or events where they hurl colours on each other. Melbourne specifically organizes for the Holi festival event which is the best way for the Indians to quench their desire to be drenched in multi colours. The festival here in Australia is an opportunity for the people of Australia to deepen their understanding of the Hindu religion which is a way of giving a warm welcome to the season of spring and saying good bye to the darkness of the winters. The festival is an opportunity for Australians to promise to themselves to always be successful over the evil with their own good.

Holi is a festival when people can 3extend warm wishes to each other and bring their loves ones closer inculcating the spirit of friendship and fun. People get to understand about the background of each other in a society wherein people from diverse culture live together.

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