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Holi in UAE

Holi is a festival of colours which is celebrated by the people belonging to the Hindu community. No matter where they are, the celebration does not stops and they do it all with similar enthusiasm and fervour. All over the world the day is observed in the month of March by the people belonging to the Hindu community. This festival is considered by the people as one such day when all the evils are destroyed and the Good is restored. People from India, living in different corners of the world including UAE, Australia, Canada and many more play with colours, dance amidst loud and vibrant music. The ancient mythology echoes the story of Holi celebration which is believed to be associated with the tale of Hrinkashyap.

Same as in many parts of the world, Holi is also celebrated by people belonging to the Hindu community residing in UAE. The celebration there in UAE includes exchanging greetings by distributing gifts and sweets with each other, hurling various types of colours on each other both in liquid and powder form.

People dance on the flamboyant Bollywood numbers and many traditional Holi songs. The Indian expatriates here in UAE, turn out in a vast majority, dressed in traditional Indian clothes; white Kurta Paijama for men and beautiful Salwar kamij and sari for women.

The children here in UAE are equally excited about the celebration of the festival and they hurl balloons filled with water on each other or on whosoever comes in their way. Along with the playing with colours people in UAE also enjoy delicious Indian dishes which are famous particularly for Holi celebration which include malpuas, gujiya, puran, dahi vadas and poli.

The people belonging to India and have been living in UAE from last many years make sure that there family do not misses on the enthusiasm with which it is celebrated in India. With this they want their children to understand in depth about the cultural diversity of India and about the essence of Holi and how it can spread colours in their life. Some people celebrate Holi on the weekend in which Holi is falling, because they usually do not get an off from their work on the day. Most of the Indian residents of UAE love Holi the most among all the festivals of India.

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