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Holika Dahan Timing

Holika Dahan Timing 2023 = 06:46 PM to 09:11 PM

Duration = 02 Hours 25 Mins
Bhadra Punchha = 12:43 AM to 02:01 AM
Bhadra Mukha = 02:01 AM to 04:11 AM

Rangwali Holi on 8th, March

Purnima Tithi Begins = 04:17 PM on Mar 06, 2023
Purnima Tithi Ends = 06:09 PM on Mar 07, 2023

All About Holika Dahan 2023

Holi Dahan is the ritual of great importance in the celebration of Holi festival. It is the tradition of the Holi festival that depicts the death of Holika and magical the evacuation of Prahlad from fire. In accordance to the Hindu scriptures the ritual of Holika Dahan that is also recalled as Holika Deepak as well as Chhoti Holi is to be performed during Pradosh Kaal that starts after the sunset and while the Purnimasi Tithi is prevailing. This year the date for Holika Dahan is 7th March 2023, whereas the timing of Holika Dahan 2023 is 06:46 PM to 09:11 PM

Holika Dahan is a religious ceremony in which people roast “Jau” in the fire of Holika. Then they bring it to their home as it is good to bring it for the family members. Also they burn 5 “Upali” in the Holika Dahan fire as it depicts the belief of burning their all problems. There is also a belief of burning the waste of massage by the “Sarson Ubtan in the Holika fire to burn every kind of body problems and get blessed by the Holika Mata with good health.

Story of Behind the Celebration of Holika Dahan

There are numerous mythological explanations that are described in the historical books regarding the death of Holika and its reference for the celebration of Holi. In accordance to those historical explanations Holika was booned by Brahma for not getting any harm from fire or never getting burnt in fire. Following the order of his Brother Hiranyakashyap (who was also the father of Prahlad) Holika sat on fire with Prahladf in order to burn him in fire and let to death. It was Prahlad’s prayers to Lord Vishnu that saved him from burning in fire. It was the protective shawl of Holika that flew to cover Prahlad’s body from Holika who was having it. This is the story behind the celebration of Holika Dahan that is still followed by the people of India.

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