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Holi in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir lays in the north most portion of India. This place has extreme cold weather during initial months of every year. Often accompanied by snow fall and shivering cold weather. Just like other parts of India, Jammu and Kashmir also celebrates Holi with utmost happiness. It is among the prominent festivals of the state. During this time, the mountains and valleys of J&K are covered with greenery all around.


Holi Festival in Jammu and Kashmir

It is not surprising to see people from other parts of the India visit Jammu and Kashmir at this time. It welcomes handful number of tourists every year. Surprisingly, they have the same joy and love for Holi as the localities have. The Holifestival celebration in Jammu and Kashmir shows the true nature of India. It describes how people from all cultures and religions come together on an auspicious day.

This is because people residing in Jammu and Kashmir are not directly associated to the festival of Holi. And it is more popular in the States below Jammu and Kashmir. But they joy in hearts of the people here is no less than it is in other regions.

How is Holi Celebrated in Jammu and Kashmir?

Holi celebration in Jammu and Kashmir is carried out in the tradition way of burning or HolikaDahan on the first day and splashing of colours, water and lot more on the second day. Both children and elders get excited a week before the occasion arrives. They purchase water guns, toys and colourful balloons from the market. All such stuff for children is available locally in Jammu and Kashmir.

A bush of dry leaves and woods is set on fire on the first day of Holi during the evening hours. The holiday on this day is generally restricted. While it is officially off on the second day of Holi in all the government organizations. However, children are generally barred from attending school during both the days.

People put dry colours on each other’s face after the ritual of burning Holika to wish Happy Holi and greet by hugging each other. The tradition of hugging while wishing is symbolic of an important message of Holi. This embracement is to ensure that everyone forgets all the disputes and forgives others happily during this auspicious day by ending the fights with a warm hug.

Furthermore, there is engagement of both localities and tourists on Holi celebration in Jammu and Kashmir. The foreigners also indulge themselves in this occasion of India. Everyone rushes to nearby parks or empty roads to splash colours and water on others. People also dance and organize events to celebrate the day. Children are the centre of attraction during the second day of Holi celebration in Jammu and Kashmir.


Finally, the dhamaka ends somewhere around 3 or 4p.m. in the evening. All the neighbourhoods go back to homes and have a hearty delicious meal. This how Holibrings back joy in the lives of people!

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