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Holi in Pondicherry

The best fact about India and its people is that everyone loves to stay together. This is why all the centric occasions like Holi are played all over the country including the Pondicherry state.


Belief of Holi Festival in Pondicherry

Holi is celebrated on a day after full moon appears in early weeks of March every year. It is a tradition to celebrate Holi for a numerous reasons like to welcome harvest, fertility, onset of spring, greenery and departure of winters.

People residing in Pondicherry are familiar with the story behind Holi that centreson a king who was very arrogant. He disliked his son for worshipping Lord Vishnu. His anger was to such an extent that he even tried to kill Prahlada (his son). And in end to it, his sister Holika had sat on fire with a belief that she is not going to get burnt. This happening leaves Prahlada safe and unscratched. Holi is celebrated to be symbolic of this event.

Holi Celebration in Pondicherry

Pondicherry also known as Pondicherry and is one of the union territories of India. It has a unique culture of its own. Irrespective of their little association with the Holi festival that is more popular in northern parts of India. Surprisingly each year Pondicherry celebratesHoli in a very vibrant manner!

Thecoastal town wears the colours of varied shades throughout the day and even before that. The magic of Holi is clearly visible amongst people in Pondicherry when they don’t just sit at home to spend the day and come out to greet and meet their fellow beings.

What Is Special In the Holi Festival Celebration in Pondicherry?

In some states Holi is celebrated for a week, some make merry for around four days but no matter how long the celebration carries on, there is one common ritual followed in all the States. This is the tradition to splash colours and water upon each other on the main day of Holi.

Pondicherry too has a special way of playing Holi. They play this colourful day with organic hues of colours. It is a common practice in prominent places like Auroville to mall society like Rainbow Nagar. The use of organic colours to play Holi is something very unique and not followed so thoroughly in other parts of India. This is basically because most of the people playing Holi in Pondicherry are from the young age group. And they feel playing safe and organic Holi will not only double the joy of the occasion but also save the environment from any harm that could be caused due to unhygienic colours otherwise.


Another interesting fact about Holi celebration in Pondicherry is that there are a lot of colleges, universities and work places that throw a party for their organization members on Holi. This is when everyone has hands dipped in colours and they forget who is superior and junior to them. All of them are in the same colours of Holi. It is a good time to have hearty conversations over a place!

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