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Holi in Jharkhand

The Enthusiasm of Holi celebration in Jharkhand

Jharkhand, which means “bush land”, is the 28th state of India. It was formed from the southern part of the state of Bihar. Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal are the states which lie on the border of the state and is seated in the eastern part of country. It is not an exception in having the most number of Hindus and almost 68% of the population of the state practices Hinduism. Just five % of the total population is the follower of Islam while five percent of it is into Christianity. Since, the followers of Hinduism are present here in Jharkhand in such a big number; most of the Hindu festivals are celebrated with utmost fervour and zeal. One of those widely celebrated festivals is Holi which is the most loves festivals of the Hindu community.

Holi, in Jharkhand witnesses a soul stirring celebration with all the traditional rituals and customs. The Holi celebration here amazingly presents an amalgamation of plenty and antiquity and so the festival here is marked by great ardour and ebullience. This festival of colour in the state of Jharkhand is celebrated by people with unprecedented jollification. The enthusiasm with which people participate in the festival celebration is the represents the composite and vigorous cultural heritage of India. Various communities of people living in the state observe almost 40 festivals and Holi is one among those of the festivals to be celebrated with love leaving behind all the resentments and enmity.

Tradition of Holi celebration in Jharkhand!

Holi is one of the most loved festivals of the state of Jharkhand and it falls in the Phalgun month of the year in the month of March or February as per the English calendar. This festival of colour love and friendship is celebrated with immense gusto and charm. Like in various other states of the country and also in some other parts of the world, the legend of Holika is believed to be the central idea of celebration of Holi. Bonfire is lighted in almost all parts of the state which is believed to wash away all the past sins. People wish each other with enamoured feeling of love and harmony and vibrant colours which is the symbol of the upcoming happiness in life. One of the unusual ways of the celebration includes using mud along with colours for playing Holi. Dhanbad is one of those places of Jharkhand which observes the festival in a grand way and it showcases the invigorating and jovial pageant of colours.

People of the state keep the charm alive by getting themselves involved in various activities related to the festival celebration. All the fund and enjoyment can be seen here in Jharkhand during Holi. The extravagant carnival is observed by drenching the streets and the people in the wonderful spirit of celebration. Irrespective of the caste, creed and religion, people from all sections and all the variant parts of the state come together being in the cordial mood to complete the celebration.

Various shades of colours are available in all the shop corners and people can easily find these colours from the nearby shops corners. While some people use these colours in its powder form, some use them in its liquid form. It is made sure by the manufacturer of these colours that it does not have any side affect on the skin of those who get exposed to it, by using only the herbal and powder extracts lavishly. In Jharkhand some people also make use of water balloons for hurling colour on each other. While playing Holi, most people prefer wearing white coloured clothes so as to make the colours be visibly clear.

This is how one can describe Holi in Jharkhand precisely but if you want to witness the actual pleasure you have to visit the state during this spring festival celebration.

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