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Holi in Haryana

Holi assumes an entirely new colour in Haryana and gets its new name, 'Dulandi Holi'.

There is no end to fun and frolic here too. People apply colours on each other and greet each other. Any hard feeling of animosity is forgotten on the day and a general feeling harmony and happiness prevail.

Bhabhi, the brothers wife, gets an upper hand on the day of Holi in Haryana. Devars need to watchout. The bhabhi's here, get a social sanction on Holi to beat their devars and make them pay the price of all the pranks they played on them for the entire year. Bhabhi's roll up their saris in the form of a rope in a mock rage, and give a good run to their devars- all in the spirit of Holi, i.e. fun. In the evening, devars are supposed to bring sweets for their dear bhabhi.

Break the pot

As in several other states the tradition of breaking the pot is celebrated with gusto in Haryana. A human pyramid is formed to break the pot of buttermilk hung high up in the street much like Lord Krishna did as a child. It is a pleasure to watch the ritual as womenfolk pour buckets of colour water at men trying to break the pot.

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