Celebrate Holi on 13th March 2017
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Visitors Feedback

  • Holi MessagesNice work! Thanks a lot. I've have come to know so much about Indian Festivals through your website. I feel very proud that I know so much about a cultural country like yours.
    - Christiana (Delaware)
  • I appreciate the effort that you guys have put together for this website. Great Job!!
    Nitesh Kumar
  • A very colorful and interesting site. The content and the images are amazing.
  • Great work guys. Great praises to all the people behind developing such a colorful site. Hope to see more from you all. Keep it up!!
    - Rishabh
  • It is a very good attempt. We who are living abroad these are also very important. A lot of foreigners ask us questions and we have to be thorough. I have learnt so much outside about my roots, religion and tradition away from India. As in India we are part of it. No questions asked.
    Keep the good work going. I'm proud of my heritage and my religion.
    Holi ki shubkamaye aapko aur aap ke parivar ko.
    - Anurag
  • Excellent content and design of the website! I found everything that one can possibly think of related to Holi on this site. A great source of information on the Indian festival of colors!! Kudos!!!
    Keep up the good work and Happy Holi to all of you!
    - Monica

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